Lab resources
  1. Science in the lab: Google doc linkWord doc download
  2. Lab slides
  3. Volume of the Earth: Using spread sheet software to calculate and simplify large equationsWord doc download
  4. Mineral identificaiton lab:Google doc linkWord doc downloadLab slidesMineral identification guide PDF downloadGoogle doc link
  5. Igneous rocks:Google doc linkWord doc download
  6. Lab Slides from 2017-09-06
  7. Read about identifying Igneous rocks
  8. Lab Slides from 2017-08-30
  9. Intro to maps Word doc download
  10. Lab Lecture Link (20 min)
  11. Sedimentary rock guide PDF download
  12. Sedimentary rocksWord doc downloadgoogledocSlides and rock pictures
  13. Topo maps as handed out in class.
  14. Metamorphic rocksGoogle doc report linkNotes sheet
  15. Structural geologyGoogle doc report linkWord doc
  16. Map sheets
  17. Age dating lab (K-Ar, pollen dating)Google docWord doc download
  18. Lab 10 print outs
  19. Using a compassLecture Slides
  20. Lab Report
  21. River systems and topogrpahy
  22. Lab Report 13
  23. Bay and ocean systemsWord doc downloadBig MapMany Mini Maps
  24. Color topo map (in feet!)A cool online map

Outside Field Trips
  1. California beach trip instructionsField Trip Info
  2. MojaveComing Soon
  3. YosemiteComing Soon
Lab notes check-list for full points:
1) Is there a table of contents?
2) Is there a date and time?
3) Is the author's name on it?
4) Is there contact information?
5) Are there page numbers?
6) Is there an introduction or summary?
7) Are all my observations included in my notes?
8) No loose papers that could fall out?

Read more about lab notebooks here